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Benefits of using a Maxsell LED Video Wall for your business:

  • High Definition Image and experience
  • Resolution or pixelation is never a problem
  • Increased Customer Engagement
  • Improve Your Business Presentations
  • Boost Your Sales
  • Have a Glare-Free Display
  • Utilize as a Teaching Aid
  • Create Personalized Displays
  • Put on Outdoor Exhibitions
  • Better Brightness than Projection displays
  • LED walls are very easy to maintain and repair.
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Easy Setup and installation

Key features of Maxsell LED Video Wall Screen

  • Wide Range of Products with pixel range from 3mm to 10mm
  • Refresh Rate > 1200 Hz
  • Low power Consumption upto 400Watt
  • Multiple Operating System Support
  • High quality Video Interface
  • Supports numerous viewing distance
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Adjustable pixel pitch
  • Availability of multiple Module Sizes

How our Customers look like

  • Schools and institutions: Aids in Teaching with Smart Classrooms
  • Banks: To Display various Schemes available
  • Medical insitututions: To Display Token number and Advertisement
  • Malls: Majory for Advertising and Entertainment purposes
  • Theatres: For better entertainment and picture quality
  • Stadiums: Aids in displaying scores as well as advertising between game
  • Airports & Railwaystations: Aids in displaying the scheduled Arrival & Departure
  • Government Institutions & Public Places: Majorly for Advertisement and Information delivery

Learn about our customer's experience with our Karat Meters

Learn about our customer's experience with our Karat Meters

Frequetly Asked Question About Gold Testing Machines

The Maxsell range of gold testing machines can determine gold concentration from minor concentrations to 100% in any metal or alloy within a matter of 5 seconds or less.

The purity of gold can be checked in three methods:
  • Touch Stone Method: Destructs the Sample
  • Float Test: Not Accurate
  • Maxsell Gold Testing Machine Method: Most Accurate and Non Destructive.

You Just need to place the sample into the chamber and press the start button. The result will come in 10 seconds on the screen.

Yes, anyone can use a gold testing machine, as its a one touch operation. The Maxsell Machine makes sure that the machine is very user friendly.