Maxsell India's Best Gold Testing Machine & Cash Counting Machine

For Jewellery manufacturers or Repairing Centers MXLW7i is an ideal Laser Soldering Machine

Manual spot/seam micro welding system with max energy,ideal for spot welding of gold, silver, platinum, titanium, copper, aluminium and high grade steel alloy. The unique sweet spot resonator improves laser beam quality and increases the ease of use for of operation,Noise reduction for all moving parts: allows operation in a quiet environment,Very low maintenance costs.


  • Improved Power and Laser source system for continuous operation
  • More powerful cooling with Combined water and wind cooling system
  • Customized Operation Interface
  • New design machine body for improving work efficiency


Source of Laser
  • High quality Nd:YAG Single-Doped Laser 1064nm
Frequency of Laser 0.1-20Hz
Power (W) Double Voltage Adjustable Power Source
Max Output Power 200W
Power System Max Single Pulse Energy
Max Single Pulse Energy 100J
Pulse Width 0.1-20ms
Focal Spot Diameter Adjustable: 0.2-3.0mm
Viewing System 10x Microscope and CCD System
Control System Integrated Visual Operating System
Cooling System Chiller and Wind Cooling System


  • Ceramic cavity imported from UK
  • Inbuilt water chiller to keep the machine running smooth & long
  • Simple and easy-to-operate UI


  • Patch welding
  • Spot welding
  • Pocket welding
  • Golf head repairing

Suitable Materials

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel etc.,

Hassle Free Repair

Repair casting defects and settings hassle free, without removing stones or accessories. Even the most delicate part or breakage can be easily fixed.

The best Laser soldering effect

It gives the best soldering effect to the jewellery, such that it does not impact the finish of the jewel and completely avoids the loss of weight during repair.

Minimal Maintenance

The machine require only a minimal maintenance for lifetime, such as changing of water periodically.

UK technology made for India

The ceramic cavity imported from UK makes it the best laser solder machine in the world.