"No More Risks in Old Gold Buying or Jewel Loan."

MXGT Karat Pro Gold Purity Analyzer - No.1 Choice of Jewellers, Old Gold Buying Cos.

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  • Grow Your Business 3X & Customer Satisfaction 10X
  • Rapid Testing Speed Results - 30 ~ 40 Secs
  • Space Saving Design - Inbuilt PC
  • Ideal for Jewellers, Old Gold Purchase, Bank, Jewel Loans

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No.1 Choice of Jewellery Retail and Jewel Loan companies - MXGT Karat Pro

Advantages Of MXGT Karat Pro For Jewellery Showrooms

  • Builds Reputation and Trust With Your Customer, Instantly.
  • Increases Profitability, As customer stop bargaining.
  • Increase in FootFall of New customers as today more and more customers look for Assurance in Gold quality.
  • Old Gold and Exchange is easier and riskfree.
  • Prove your Quality to customer by Proof and not by Words.
  • Show your Customers That You are Quality and Technology Driven.
  • Helps Your Sales People in Selling More and Closing Sales Quickly
  • Check Quality from Your Suppliers.
  • Install a NEW Maxsell MXGT Karat Pro at Your Showroom Today & Bring Profit, Prosperity and Growth To Your Business.
  • NEW Maxsell MXGT Karat Pro - The Workhorse Gold Analyzer that goes On and On. Who says that Gold Testers have to be bulky, big and occupy your entire Workspace? MXGT Karat Pro - small in size, big in performance. Space Saving. The MX-GT Karat Pro requires a lot less space than conventional gold testers with longer duty cycles. Special Power System. MX-GT Karat Pro has a Special Power Supply System that withstands voltage fluctuations - perfect for Indian conditions.

    Quick Features

    • Technology: Hermitically sealed Gas Proportional Counter Tube based Detector
    • Design: Compact and Space Saving, Just Plug 1 Cable and Its Ready To Go
    • Usage: Simply Place the Sample and Click Test Icon. No Annoying adjustable stage like other instruments
    • Software: Simple Software Interface, Easy for even a High school student to operate
    • Results: Accurate and Fast Results for Jewellery or Melt ingot, Wada, Rava or any form or shape sample can be tested
    • Safety: 100% Safe, Rear facing small collimator with Anti Radiation switch protects User. Each Instrument is strictly tested with "Inspector USB - Radiation Alert Instrument USA"
    • Maintenance: Low Maintenance ratio and Cost effective packages available after Warranty

    Suitable For

    • Jewellery Showrooms
    • Banks and Jewel Loan Companies
    • Jewellery Manufacturers
    • Old Gold purchase

    Detailed features:

    • Analysis Elements: Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu, Zn, Ni, etc. (Displayed)
    • Analysis Range: Upto 99.99%
    • Test point dimension: 2mm (Optional - Micro Collimator)
    • Test Time: 30 to 200 Secs (user can set).
    • Coated layer measurement: Coated layer thickness Range <30µm
    • Test Precision: +/-0.1% The Precision could keep 0.1 after several repeated test
    • High Voltage Generator: 4 to 50Kv
    • X-Ray Source: Mo Material X-ray light tube (Wind Cool, No radiation)
    • Detector: High Resolutions Hermetic Proportional Counter with Micro processor technology
    • Dimension: L477 mm*W386mm*H386 mm / Wt: 30kgs
    • Voltage: Wide Power Range - 110V to 270V Specially designed for Indian power Conditions
    • Temp Control: Digital Exhaust Air Software controlled, Temperature control system can protect themselves

    Questions & Answers

    • Will it help me build Transparency with my customers?
    • Yes for today's consumers, they rely on technology for every need. Instead of Sweet talks to induce customer about Trust and Transparency, You can show it. They can see the quality of Jewellery you sell to them. When they know you use technology for your business, you are regarded as a reputed Jeweller. Your customers will be more than Happy and Build trust with your Brand.

    • Am a Small Jeweller, Can this KaratMeter Help my Business?
    • For you to grow your business, You must add value to your customers, Today KaratMeter is helping 1000s of Jewellery retailer increase their sales and profits and Grow the business. Its a 24hrs Sales man working to increase your business and always ready to serve your customers

    • It's too expensive, I cant afford it?
    • Its an Investment - Our survey has shown, nearly 90% reduction in bargain by customers, Sales volume increases by over 38%, Customer buy more jewellery over a period of time, with repeated purchases. Not having a KaratMeter can be more Expensive to your business.

      For Banks or Jewel Loan companies - faster loan dispersal means more business, reduction in frauds and risks and loss of fake gold pledge, reduce dependency on Appraisers, optimize loan value - Win -Win deal for both - customer and banker

    • Is Maxsell assembled in China? How can I rely on it?
    • Maxsell products are sold across India and different countries in Asia for past 15years. From Small shops to large Retail corporate today use Maxsell products for their daily business. Our products are assembled in China to offer Economical prices to you. In India We have a Strict Quality Control Inspection of every product and spare part, before shipping to the customer with over 20 plus check points. Economical on pocket yet durable for years. If you are seeking quality, service, performance and yet reasonable price, Maxsell is the choice for you

    • How accurate are the xrf gold testers?
    • Across the world, for quick and accurate analysis of purity of gold - XRF Based Gold testing Machines are the Only Best choice. XRF Gold analyzers are Smart, Fast & Accurate (close to Fire assay result). Any one can use it with minimal training, No Pollution, No Chemicals, No Major Maintenance. Analyze any type, size or weight of gold samples in few seconds. Other testing technique have less advantage when compared to XRF gold testers. Almost all Testing & Assaying testers, hallmarking centers rely on XRF based gold testers today.

    • What is the guarantee of the product and service?
    • We offer 1 Year Frills Free warranty. All components are replaced Free of Charge at your site. As a customer you can claim 2 Free Services during warranty to keep your instrument in top notch condition. At Maxsell, We use only GENUINE ORIGINAL NEW PARTS during Replacements and NO LOCAL PARTS are used. Our trained Engineers are always ready to help our customers by Fastest Response. Dedicated Customer support executive will assure all calls are tracked and updated to the customer. We use World's Leading ERP management system to Track and deliver services to our customers.

    • I need time to think to buy or not to buy?
    • Our Study reveals that customers who own a KaratMeter are likely to increase their business the moment the machine is installed in their shop. YES YES YES!!! This is NO Marketing Gimmick, Please check with Exisitng Owners of Gold analyzer about how quickly are the Return on Investment. Customers who delayed decision and bought after few months, realized they should have ACT faster, because the Response is Amazing & Earnings are Faster.