Maxsell India's Best Gold Testing Machine & Cash Counting Machine

Mxsell MXGT Karat Pro - Now FREE-Up Your Space, Our Gold Purity Analyser dont Need PC

Maxsell MXGT Karat Pro – No.1 Choice of Banks, Showrooms. Gold Testing Machine without need for PC, small in size, big in performance. Space Saving. Ideal for Jewellers, Old Gold Purchase, Bank, Jewel Loans. Now available in White Color. Zero Threat of Virus, Faster Data Processing, Inbuilt Industrial component PC, Industrial grade Touch Screen.


  • Space Saving Design – No PC required
  • High Resolution Gas Proportional Counter Technology
  • Rapid Testing Speed Results – 20 Secs
  • Solid Metal Body built with Attractive finish


  • High Resolution Proportional Counter
X-Ray Source W-Target X-Ray tube with Triple Stage Cooling
Collimator 2mm – For improved accuracy
Analysis Elements Au, Ag, Pt, Cu, Ni, Zn, Pd, Cd, In
Analysis Range 1% ~ 99.99%
Testing Time 30 – 60 seconds (40s for best results)
High Voltage 0-50 kV / 0-1 mA
Test Precision ±0.1% Based on homogeneous samples
Power Supply 110V - 260V, 50/60 Hz
Reports Available in xlsx, csv, xml, PDF & POS printer formats

Complete Hallmarking Centre Project with MAXSELL

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Productive - Saves Time

The large sample placement area to easily place and remove samples, and the ability to work long time for continuous operations make the machine extremely productive.

Gold Ring
MXGT Gold Testing Machine

Precise & accurate - So No More Errors

It is highly accurate that there is no second guess on the gold purity, and that makes all our customers a trustworthy brand in the market.

Compact & Smart Gold Purity Analyzer in the Market

It saves more space and makes the area look clutter free. It even looks so smart and boosts the showroom ambience.

Maxsell MXGT Karat Pro Hllmark Gold Purity
Maxsell MXGT Karat Pro Gold Purity Marker

Craftsmanship that you can see & feel

It is robust and well-built.This improves the lifetime of the machine and completely saves the cost of ownership.

Press little & Do More

Simple and user-friendly interface, so that none of our customers spend any money, time or resource on training an operator.

Portable Gold Testing Machine
Maxsell MXGT Karat Pro Gold Quality Check Machine

The Speed to Test Gold In a Snap

Get sharp and accurate results in 20 seconds and win the customer trust & confidence forever so they come back for more.