Now Testing Gold Made Easy & Fast for Jewellers and Banks

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  • Unique Wide Design - One of Its Kind in the World
  • ABS Body That Enhances Beauty for Your Showroom
  • Convenient Touch Screen Operation
  • Gold Buying or Jewel Loan made Riskfree and Easier
  • Ideal for Jewellery Retail, Old Gold Purchase, Bank Jewellery Loans

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MXGT Karat Latest Economical Gold Tester

Advantages Of MXGT Karat Pro For Jewellery Showrooms

  • Builds Reputation and Trust With Your Customer, Instantly.
  • Increases Profitability, As customer stop bargaining.
  • Increase in FootFall of New customers as today more and more customers look for Assurance in Gold quality.
  • Old Gold and Exchange is easier and riskfree.
  • Prove your Quality to customer by Proof and not by Words.
  • Show your Customers That You are Quality and Technology Driven.
  • Helps Your Sales People in Selling More and Closing Sales Quickly
  • Check Quality from Your Suppliers.
  • Install a NEW Maxsell MXGT Karat Pro at Your Showroom Today & Bring Profit, Prosperity and Growth To Your Business.
  • Testing Gold samples can be as easy as placing it in MXGT Karat Gold Testing Machine from Maxsell. MXGT Karat Gold tester is a practical solution for customers who need fast and accurate gold test results. Keeping customers wait for long is the thing of past. Customer's confidence boasts higher when they find Jewellers or Bankers using Gold testers right before their eyes.

    By installing this masterpiece at your showroom or office or factory, you can organize your Jewellery business more professionally. In banks & jewel loan areas, our gold testers can be a true saviour. To help speed up the loan approvals or secure the gold jewellery loan business, MXGT Karat is no compromise and its just the best tool for even a new beginner.

    Operator finds it incredibly simple to use with its New Generation software and the reports can help track past records whenever needed. Give your business a new tool to scale your profits high & higher.

    Customers get best after sales service for their Maxsell Gold testers across India from our factory trained engineers and well stocked OEM parts help us provide quickest support.

    Quick Features

    • Technology: Hermitically sealed Gas Proportional Counter Tube based Detector
    • Design: Compact & Space Saving, Just Plug 1 Cable & Its Ready To Go
    • Usage: Low Profile Design makes it easy for User to Place sample FAST & PERFECT
    • Software: App like Software goes with the Trend & Make it Super Easy to operate
    • Results: Accurate & Fast Results for Jewellery or Melt ingot, Wada, Rava or any form or shape sample can be tested
    • Certificate: Print Certificate with Jewellery / Sample image & Your Brand name along with other details
    • Safety: 100% Safe, Rear facing small collimator with Anti Radiation switch protects User. Each Instrument is strictly tested with "Inspector USB - Radiation Alert Instrument USA"
    • Maintenance: Low Maintenance ratio and Cost effective packages available after Warranty

    Suitable For

    • Jewellery Showrooms
    • Banks & Jewel Loan Companies
    • Jewellery Manufacturers
    • Old Gold purchase
    Analysis Elements Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu, Zn, Ni, etc
    Analysis Range 1% - 99.99%
    Collimator Most optimum size < 2mm
    Test point dimension 1mm ~ 3mm
    Test Time Confirm the elements in 30 Secs & Test Results in 40 Secs
    Coated layer measurement Coated layer thickness Range less than 30 µm
    Test Precision 0.1 ~ 0.5% (Accuracy can be influenced by environmental conditions & sample complexity)
    High Voltage Generator 0 ~ 50 Kv / 0 ~ 1 MA
    X-Ray Source Mo Material X-ray light tube with Triple Cooling technology - Oil, Air Cooling & Spl Heat Sink Cooling
    Max. Power 185 W
    Weight 33 Kg
    Dimension 670 x 400 x 330 mm
    Temp Control Eight fans of the circulatory system, Temperature control system can protect themselves