Gold Purity Testing Machine

MXGT Desire The Smartest Gold Tester - 1-Touch Test

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  • World's First Fully Aluminum Machined Construction
  • Newly Designed Optical System to Remove Digital Noise
  • Detects 25+ Elements Precisely better than Fire Assay
  • Identifies Prohibited Elements (Powder) Iridium, Ruthenium, Osmium, etc

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MXGT Desire Gold Testing Machine - 1 Touch Test

World's first Aluminum Alloy Machined Gold Purity Analyzer from Maxsell comes with Smart Feature and Aptly named as Desire, which resonates with Every customer's Desire to Own the Best in the Industry. Maxsell brings our Latest MXGT Desire & Desire Plus, Designed by Leading Italian corporation to exceed Today's customer requirement. Desire and Desire Plus is packed with features, functions that you will crave for. MXGT Desire is Equipped with Si-Pin Diode detector and Desire Plus is equipped with Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) both from World's leading Detectors from Ametek USA

+ World's First Fully Aluminum Machined Construction with Slotted Type Fitment.

+ Dual Chassis Construction for Strength, Robust & Reliability

+ Software Controlled Turbo Fan for Improved Cooling Efficiency

+ Newly Designed Optical System to remove Noise and Background Peak Interference for Superb Stability, Speed and Precision.

+ Dual Tact Switch for Easy Start up & Testing of Sample At One Press.

+ Large Platform for Testing for Samples of even larger dimensions

+ Rear See through Glass for Increased Transparency during Operation.

+ Fully Designed for 0% Radiation & 100% Safe for Operator.

+ Convenient Hand grip on both sides for handling the unit.


  • Hallmark Centre
  • Testing And Assay Center
  • Refinery and Exchange / Badlaa
  • Jewellery Manufacturer
  • Bullion
  • Jewellery Showroom
  • Detailed features:

    • Technology: Si Pin Diode Detector / SDD also available
    • Design: Italian corporation designed for full mobility, Customer Friendly UI, Integrated Touch Screen Operation
    • Usage: Simply Place Sample & Click Test Icon. Bottom to top X-ray, makes it Quick & Easy sample positioning
    • Results: Accurate & Fast Results for Jewellery or Melt ingot or any form or shape sample can be tested.
    • Safety: 100% Safe, Each Instrument is tested with "Inspector USB - Radiation Alert Instrument USA"
    • Maintenance: Low Maintenance ratio and Cost effective packages available after Warranty
    • Reports: Get PDF or excel report and print certificate with complete detail. Customize report software available to suit individual needs
    • Connectivity: Label Printer, Densimeter, Weighing Balance, Printer

    Suitable For

    • Hallmark labs
    • Refineries & Assaying Centers
    • Jewellery Showrooms & Manufacturers
    • Testing & Tounch Centers
    • For application which demands certified analysis system
    Technology Mini Xray technology from USA
    Analysis Elements AU AG PT PD RH RU CU ZN NI CD IN OS IR W (from AL to U, around 79 elements)
    Detector Si-Pin Diode Detector with Semi conductor cooling. SDD option available.
    Analysis Range 1% - 99.99%
    Test Time 15 ~ 100 Secs (User selectable)
    Collimator Most optimum size < 1mm
    Test point dimension 1mm ~ 2mm
    Test Precision 0.05% ~ 0.1% (Accuracy can be influenced by environmental conditions and sample complexity)
    Integrated Full Connectivity, Touch Screen operation system, Quick operation Switch, Battery Pack
    Instrument current 60 W
    X-Ray Source Rh Target X-ray
    Net weight 6 Kg
    Dimension 260 x 250 x 400 mm