Maxsell India's Best Gold Testing Machine & Cash Counting Machine

MX 50i TURBO+ Fast & Accurate with print report technology

Front Loading Value Counter-cum-Detector


  • Runs in low voltage condition
  • Touch Keypad
  • Optional Printer

What is in the box


  • 800, 1200, 1500 notes/min
HOPPER CAPACITY 400 notes (continuous feeding)
DETECTION TECHNOLOGY UV, MG, MT, IR, 2D & 3D, Twin SOS (Spectrum Optic Sensor Technology)
POWER SUPPLY 100-240V AC,50/60Hz 3.0A
DIMENSION 287(L)*243(W)*248(H)mm

Intelligent Counterfeit Detection

The Turbo+ automatically verifies your banknotes for the counterfeits. When a counterfeit banknote is detected Turbo+ automatically stops counting and alerts you with a visual and audio warning. The Turbo+ is so reliable it can detect the super dollar and even the most sophisticated counterfeit banknotes.

Instant Payment Made Easy with Value Batch Function

The feature "Mixed Value Batch Function" pauses the counting when the desired value is reached. This applies even to mixed denominations. Simply select the preset batch value (Eg. 2L, 1.5L, etc.,) and MX 50i Turbo+ will automatically pause counting each time the batch value is reached.

Misaligned Notes? No Problem

MX 50i Turbo+ uses the most reliable banknote system that prevents banknotes from getting stuck. Now you need not align the notes before placing them into the hopper. Its ergonomic design saves time and increases the cashier’s efficiency.

Optimal Efficiency with Continuous Input

Turbo+ features an innovative top-loading hopper that's easy to use and has a large banknote holding capacity up to 400 notes. It also allows you to add more banknotes to the hopper while the machine is still running.

Sort Function

MX 50i Turbo+'s Sort Function can detect fake denominations from the single denomination banknotes. If a different denomination is identified, the MX 50i Turbo+ automatically pauses counting and alerts you with a visual & audio warning, thus no manual sorting is required.

Currency Updating & PC Compatibility

The Turbo+ has an integrated RS232 and USB port that aids in easy download and new currency update. Staying up-to-date with all the latest currency upgradations helps in saving big and also requires no hardware changes. Maxsell provides all currency updates free of cost.

Compact & Portable

Turbo+has been engineered to fit perfectly on the smallest of countertops. It also has an integrated carry handle for easy transport.

Print Or Export Your Count Result

In order to make your administrative task even easier, the Turbo+ can automatically print the serial numbers of the notes and other complete results to the optional Maxsell TP-230 thermal printer, or export them to the Maxsell CMTS software.

Dustproof & Easy Maintenance

Completely dust-proof & easy-to-clean the inbuilt sensors without any technicians help make the maintenance easy.

Enjoy Free CMTS Tools With Every Turbo+

Our free Currency Management Tools Software (CMTS) helps to transfer the result from machine to PC with great ease. It displays the counting results on PC, which can then be saved and printed whenever required. Using the CMTS tool you can save time & avoid human errors.

Robust Design for Harsh Working Condition

The Turbo+ hardware mechanism is specially designed for hours of continuous usage. Its internal special power supply system allows the machine to work in extremely low voltage & protects against unexpected power interruptions and surges.