Maxsell India's Best Gold Testing Machine & Cash Counting Machine

MATRIX 8120 - VB, mix note counting machine

Note Sorting Machine


  • Supports upto 18 foreign currencies
  • Software upgrade via USB, SD card or LAN

What is in the box


  • 800~1200 notes/min
HOPPER CAPACITY 500 notes (continuous feeding)
POWER SUPPLY 100-240V AC,50/60Hz 3.0A
DIMENSION 251(L) x 271(W) x 264 (H) mm
INTERFACE RS-232, Printer, USB, SD card

Intelligent Value Batch Function

The Matrix 8120-VB is the first machine that is designed for Indian banknotes. It can accurately count the value of the unsorted (Mixed Denomination) banknotes into batches. For this simply select the Preset Batch Value, the machine will automatically pause counting each time the batch value is reached.

Advance Counterfeit Detection

The Matrix 8120-VB uses the latest counterfeit detection technology to scrutinize seven features: Ultraviolet, Magnetic Ink, Metallic Thread, Infrared, Image, Size, and Thickness. It can accurately detect double banknotes and half notes. If a counterfeit is detected the machine automatically rejects the banknote without getting paused. After the completion of counting the machine will report the reason for the rejected banknotes.

Serial Number Capture

The Matrix 8120-VB uses two advanced CIS sensors to scan and record the serial number of each banknote. Complete detailed information of all the scanned serial numbers can be viewed, saved, and printed on a PC. Serial number recording comes handy when an audit trail is done and very useful for tracking.

Face Sorting

This is for single denomination (sorted) banknotes. Banknotes that are facing up are sorted into the stacker. Banknotes that are facing down are rejected into the rejection stacker.

Orientation Sorting

This is for single denomination (sorted) banknotes. Banknotes with the correct orientation are sorted into the stacker. Banknotes that are upside down are rejected into the rejection stacker.

Denomination Sorting

This method sorts one denomination into the stacker. All other denominations are rejected into the rejection stacker.

Free Software Upgrade

Matrix 8120-VB has an integrated USB & SD card currency update port that can help in easy download of currencies and updates. Downloading via the SD card is particularly useful as it eliminates the need for a PC at the location. MAXSELL provides all currency updates at free of cost.

Top-loading Hopper

The Matrix 8120-VB offers an innovative top-loading hopper for easy usage. It has a large note capacity that allows you to add banknotes to the hopper while the machine is still running, so that the counting process is carried on without any sort of interruptions.

Large Lcd Display & Easy-to-use Interface

With a dual-user design, a large clear LCD, and an intuitive control panel, the Matrix 8120-VB makes the counting process easy. The clear LCD shows all the information that you need to know: from the mode of selection to the counted quantity & counted value.

Dual Pocket Design

Matrix 8120-VB has a stacker commonly known as the reject pocket. This stacker automatically stacks all unrecognized or suspicious banknotes. After the counting process is done, you can view a detailed report that lists the reason for the rejected banknotes. The reject pocket is also used in the FACE and ORIENT modes to rapidly align a random stack of banknotes, all in the same direction.

Easy Access Note Transport Path

Matrix series has been designed for easy access to the entire note transport path, thus ensuring quick and easy maintenance. This design allows easy recovery of any compressed banknotes with minimal downtime.

Print or export your count result

In order to make your administrative task even easier, the Matrix-8120-VB can automatically print the serial numbers of the notes and other complete results using the optional Maxsell TP-230 thermal printer (Optional), or export them to the Maxsell CMTS software.

Dual CIS Sensor

The Contact Image Sensor is developed and engineered in Germany, which makes it truly unique in every way. It is specially designed only for the banknote processing industry. It is fully sealed to protect against dust intrusion and has a built-in resistance to temperature changes, as these are the two common issues faced in the cash handling industry.

Auto Currency Recognition

Save time with this convenient feature. You don’t have to scroll through all the currencies. The 8120-VB instantly recognizes the currency of the first loaded banknote.

Need to Count & Detect International Currency?

The Matrix 8120-VB has 18 international currency counting features (optional), which can be upgraded based on the customers' request at an extra cost. However, other currencies can be downloaded and updated using a simple SD Card whenever needed, CIS technology enables it to value count even in the most advanced currencies.

Working behind counters

An Auxiliary display (optional) to view counting results while they are still being processed. After placing this LCD display on your counter, you and your customers will be able to see the results simultaneously.