Maxsell India's Best Gold Testing Machine & Cash Counting Machine

CUBE - 998, bundle note counting machine

Multi Forex Value Counter-cum-Detector


  • Optional rechargeable battery
  • Optional printer

What is in the box


  • 250 notes/min
HOPPER CAPACITY 100 notes (continuous feeding)
BATTERY Rechargeable lithium battery 10.8V/2000mAH (Optional)
DIMENSION 170(L)*157(W)*152(H)mm
NET WEIGHT 1.8 Kg (Without Battery)

Multi-forex Mixed Value Counter

Cube 998 can count the total value of mixed denomination banknotes without presorting them and displays the total value and number of notes counted per denomination. It has 8 default currencies installed, however, the other currencies can be downloaded to the machine.

Intelligent Mixed Denomination Counting

Cube 998 is one of the exclusive machines that can value count batches for mixed denomination/unsorted banknotes. Simply enter your desired batch value and the Cube will automatically pause counting each time the batch value is reached.

Intelligent Counterfeit Detection

The Cube 998 automatically examines your banknotes to detect counterfeits. When a counterfeit banknote is detected, the Cube automatically stops counting and alerts you with a visual and audio warning. The Cube 998 is so reliable it can detect the super dollars and even the most sophisticated counterfeit banknotes.

Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery (Optional)

The Cube’s inbuilt rechargeable battery gives you the privilege to use it practically everywhere, making it the ideal and portable machine for rapid note counting. The battery lasts up to 20 hours (up to two hours under continuous use), so you won't be running out of battery anytime soon. The Cube can also be operated by connecting it with power supply.

Print Or Export Your Count Result

In order to make your administrative task even easier, the Cube can automatically print the serial numbers of the notes and other complete results to the optional Maxsell TP-230 thermal printer, or export them to the Maxsell CMTS software.

Easy Access Note Transport Path

Matrix series has been designed for easy access to the entire note transport path, thus ensuring quick and easy maintenance. This design allows easy recovery of any compressed banknotes with minimal downtime.

Compact & Portable

The Cube is a compact, lightweight, and portable machine. It weighs 1.85 kg and its length measures no more than the size of your hand. It is a unique small device that performs multiple functions.

Accurate & Reliable

The Cube has been engineered to the exact specifications, making it one of the most accurate counterfeit detection systems available in the market. It also incorporates commercial-grade components that are built to last longer. This detector can be quickly and easily cleaned.

Sort Function

Cube 998's Sort Function can detect fake denominations from the single denomination banknotes. If a different denomination is identified, the Cube 998 automatically pauses counting and alerts you with a visual & audio warning, thus no manual sorting is required.