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Fake Note Detectors in India

Comparison Chart - MX2000B vs Truscan Neo vs Truscan-i vs Truscan FX Back

Technical Parameters MX2000B Truscan Neo Truscan-i Truscan FX
Currency Feeder Manual Automatic Automatic Automatic
Multi Currency Detection N.A INR Only Up to 8 Foreign Currency USD, GBP, EURO, SGD, CAD
PRE 2005 Detection for INR N.A Yes N.A N.A
Size Cum Value Detection N.A Yes Yes Yes
Direction of Currency N.A Any Direction Any Direction Any Direction
Counting Speed Per Notes N.A 0.5 Seconds 0.5 Seconds 0.5 Seconds
Battery Backup Rechargeable N.A Yes Yes Yes
Super Fake note detection N.A Yes Yes Yes
Upgradation Feature N.A Yes Yes Yes
Detection Technology UV & WATERMARK UV, MG, MT & 3D UV, MG, MT, IR, 3D UV, IR, MG, 3D
Printer N.A N.A Optional N.A
Power Consumption ≥50 W ≥10 W ≥10 W ≥10 W
Operating Voltage 180 - 220 V 12 V (DC) 12 V (DC) 12 V (DC)
Compliances CE Parts used CE, ROHS CE, ROHS, FCC CE, ROHS, FCC
Display Type N.A LED Display LCD Alpha Numeric Graphical Display LED Display
Weight 2 Kgs 1 Kgs 2 Kgs 1 Kgs