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Benefits of using a Maxsell gold testing machine for your business:

  • Builds Reputation and Trust With Your Customer, Instantly.
  • Increases Profitability, As customers stop bargaining.
  • Increase in FootFall of New customers as today more and more customers look for Assurance in Gold quality.
  • Old Gold and Exchange is easier and risk free.
  • Prove your Quality to customers by Proof and not by Words.
  • Show your Customers That You are Quality and Technology Driven.
  • Helps Your Sales People in Selling More and Closing Sales Quickly
  • Check Quality from Your Suppliers.
  • Builds Trust when you provide a gold testing certificate
  • Decreases the chances of fraudulence in gold selling and exchange
  • Decreases the chances of bank frauds in gold loans.
  • Does not harm the sample while testing
  • Prevent dangerous mixing of materials and identifies unwanted impurities
  • Fastest way of testing the purity of gold

Key features of Maxsell Purity testing machine

  • Compact Neat Design - Just One Cable and It's Ready to Work.
  • Beautiful appearance with Integrated PC Monitor saves premium space in Jewellery Showrooms
  • Easy to Use software means no confusion for users
  • Crosshair guided placement spots make placing jewellery inside the chamber quick and easy.
  • No more adjustments of stage or hovering in the test chamber to locate excitation - An important advantage of Bottom up XRay mounting.
  • High Resolution Gas Proportional Counter Technology
  • Rapid Testing Speed Results - 20 Secs
  • Solid Metal Body built with Attractive finish
  • Its is based on the latest High Resolution Proportional Counter
  • Delivers printable reports in the form of xlsx, csv, xml, PDF & POS printer formats
  • Simple and user friendly as you get the testing done with just 1 button tap
  • Detects the following metals - Gold , Silver , copper , zinc, Cadmium, cobalt , nickel , platinum and palladium
  • Longer Duty Cycle with the help of Triple Stage XRay Cooling Technology.
  • Special Power Supply Control to protect the Hardware.

How our Customers look like


  • Decreases the chances of fraudulence in gold exchange or losses during purchase of old gold.
  • Old Gold and Exchange is easier and risk free.
  • Gives them an edge over their competitors to prove their quality with Proof.
  • Helps them in checking Purity & Quality from their Suppliers
  • Jewellers can use the Maxsell Gold testing machine to provide a purity certificate to consumers.


  • Reduced chances of Fraudulence in providing gold loans by avoiding fake gold or low purity or cheat gold.
  • Purity report are used as a document for future purposes
  • Helps in keeping records of the ornament purity, weight and Karatage.
  • Due to ease of use, Rotational staff can easily adapt with the working of the machine and test samples with low or no training
  • Disperse loans much faster and with all necessary proof on record.
  • Increase Customer satisfaction as the loanee needs funds in urgency against gold loans. By dispersing quickly, the Loanees ' problem is solved.
  • Keeps appraiser valuation on Check and in Order
  • Builds confidence of the branch to attract more customers for gold loans - since it's the safest loan product.
  • Banks can utilise its existing customers to attract new loan business with lower risk of NPA.

Learn about our customer's experience with our Karat Meters

Learn about our customer's experience with our Karat Meters

Frequetly Asked Question About Gold Testing Machines

The Maxsell range of gold testing machines can determine gold concentration from minor concentrations to 100% in any metal or alloy within a matter of 5 seconds or less.

The purity of gold can be checked in three methods:
  • Touch Stone Method: Destructs the Sample
  • Float Test: Not Accurate
  • Maxsell Gold Testing Machine Method: Most Accurate and Non Destructive.

You Just need to place the sample into the chamber and press the start button. The result will come in 10 seconds on the screen.

Yes, anyone can use a gold testing machine, as its a one touch operation. The Maxsell Machine makes sure that the machine is very user friendly.