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Benefits of using a Maxsell Currency Counting machines for your business:

  • Saves your time in counting
  • Detection of counterfeit is super easy
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • No more germs transfer as you don't touch the notes
  • Keeps the currency in order
  • Sorting in batches of currency
  • Easy one touch operation
  • Dual Display so that both cashier and depositor can see the result

Key features of Maxsell Cash Counting machine

  • Integrated Fake Note detector: You can even detect fake notes along with currency counting. The iScan feature accurately detects all types of super fake notes
  • Integrated RS232 port that aids in easy download and new currency update
  • Free Currency Management Tools Software (CMTS) helps to transfer the result from machine to PC with great ease.
  • Maxsell’s machines work on One touch operation
  • Digital Display in all the currency counting machines
  • Rapid counting Speed
  • Optional rechargeable battery
  • Optional printer
  • Simple and user friendly as you get the counting done with just 1 button tap
  • Special Power Supply Control to protect the Hardware for long term maintenance free performance.
  • Supports upto 18 foreign currencies
  • Software upgrade via USB, SD card or LAN
  • After the completion of counting the machine will report the reason for the rejected banknotes.
  • Banknotes with the correct orientation are sorted into the stacker.
  • Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery 10.8V/2000mAH
  • Segregates your banknotes into batches
  • External customer display that allows the customer to view the counting result more conveniently.
  • Dust proof 3D sensor construction technology

How our Customers look like

Large institutions that collect fees or deposits in form of cash

  • You can easily check the count of fees deposited in front of the person depositing it.
  • Reduces conflicts while counting the cash manually.
  • Increases operational efficiency and que time.
  • Detects Fake notes as these are the most prospective places to use fake notes.

Petrol pump:

  • Count the cash with speed.
  • Detects Fake notes as these are the most prospective places to use fake notes.
  • Reduces the mistake occurred while counting manually.
  • Cash Collection Management in Batches is easy.


  • Detects Fake notes as these are the most prospective places to use fake notes.
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Reduces chances of conflicts while counting the cash manually.


  • Reduced chances of Fraudulence in providing cash.
  • Helps in keeping records of the count of currency.
  • Due to ease of use, Rotational staff can easily adapt with the working of the machine and count the notes with no training.
  • Increased operational efficiency and no chances of negligence
  • No Germs transfer due to multiple touches and saliva on the currency

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Frequetly Asked Question About Cash Counting & Detecting Machines

A stack of banknotes is placed in one of the machine's compartments, and each bill is mechanically dragged through the machine one at a time. The machine counts the bills by counting how many times a beam of light is disrupted.

The purity of gold can be checked in three methods: The Maxsell MX50i is the most famous cash counting machine in India. Its high-precision sensors and sophisticated MG Spectrum Analyzing technology aids in the detection of counterfeit money when counting, ensuring that the MX50i does not skip any fakes.

The counting machine goes through each banknote one by one, instantaneously identifying the number of times an internal beam of light is stopped to determine the denomination and deliver a total.

Yes, Maxsell Currency Counting Machine can also detect fake notes.