Strong Soldering by New Maxsell Desktop Jewellery brings Strong Bonding With your Customer.

Desktop Jewellery Soldering Machine

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  • Gold Coated Cavity for Clean and powerful laser
  • Strong & Lasting Solder in 2 Mins
  • Simple interface with Pre-set selection
  • Compact, Space saving and Low Cost

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For Showroom & Retail Jewellers - Maxsell MXLW7 - Sharp, Powerful Laser Beam, that Binds the Jewellery For Long Lasting Solder and Strength.

Laser Spot welding machine is ideal for making Precision welding to avoid loss of weight and without impacting the finish of the sample. Also spot welding provides adequate strength to the work piece. Maxsell offers Laser Spot Welding / Soldering machines which is widely used for gold and silver jewellery and so on. The spot welding is steady with low distortion levels, super- efficient and non-pollution and energy saving. With Touch screen operation its easy to operate and specially designed panel makes it easy to setup the unit. Designed for stress free and ease of operation.

  • Convenience of dual viewing - HD Camera (Optional) & High Res Microscope for faster positioning of sample.
  • Long lasting solder, minimal usage of wires or sheet.
  • The focusing cavity's service life is 8 to 10 years, and the service life of the xenon lamp is over 8 million times
  • World-leading automatic light shielding system is employed to remove stimulation of light on eyes during operation
  • Ideal for Jewellery shops and small workshops
  • Inbuilt Water Cooling System.
  • Better Return on Investment due to its Low Cost working and Low Investment, compared to Italian machines
  • Small & Compact design and Easy access top open cover.
  • Designed for Ease Stress free and Ease of operation


Specially Designed for Jewellery Retail Showrooms & Workshops. Also can be used for Small and Precision Welding

Model MXLW7 - Desktop Jewellery Soldering Machine
Average laser power 100W
Max laser power 240W
Max energy of single pulse 100J
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Pulse width 0-20ms
Laser welding frequency 0.5 -100HZ
Spot size range 0.2-2mm
Welding wire 0.1-0.4mm
Power Supply 220VAC ± 10% / 50-60HZ
Power Consumption ≤ 2KW
Water pressure protection ≤0.025MPa
Cooling water temperature ≤35 degrees
Temperature protection 45 degrees
Cooling water flow 4L/min
Weight ≤80kg
Cooling Way Water cooling
Laser Type Pulse