Maxsell Gold Testing Machine - Ideal Choice for - Jewellery Retail, Hallmark Center, Bank, Refinery or Testing Centre

Gold Testing Machine

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All-in-One Gold Testing Machine from Maxsell

MXGT Karat Pro Gold Testing Machine - No.1 Choice for Jewellers Banks

  • Rapid Testing Speed Results - 20 Secs
  • Compact Design with Inbuilt Touch Screen
  • High Resolution Gas Proportional Counter Technology based Gold Testing Machine
  • Ideal for Jewellers, Old Gold Purchase, Bank, Jewel Loans

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Compact Gold purity Analyzer with inbuilt system

MXGT Desire & Desire Plus 1-Touch Gold Tester

  • Made out of Aluminum Alloy - Solid Metal, Sturdy and Accurate Results
  • Detects 25+ Elements Precisely
  • Identifies Prohibited Elements (Powder) Iridium, Ruthenium, Osmium, etc
  • Fast 1-Touch Testing - Boots in Less than a Minute

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Robust Built, high accuracy MXGT Aurum5 Gold purity analyzer

MXGT Aurum5 with Si-Pin / SDD Gold Testing Machine

  • High Accuracy Results with HDSP technology (Hybrid Digital Signal Processor)
  • Detects 20+ Elements Precisely better than Fire Assay
  • Identifies Prohibited Elements (Powder) Iridium, Ruthenium, Osmium, etc
  • Industrial Integrated PC With External Display
  • Ideal for Hallmark Centers, Assay and Testing Centers, Bullion, etc
  • Silicon Drift Detector SDD Option Available

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MXGT Aurum with Si Pin Diode detector and inbuilt touch screen operation

MXGT Aurum World's Advanced Si-Pin Gold Analyzer for Jewellers

  • Get accuracy of Fire Assay Method
  • Detects 20+ Elements Precisely
  • Identifies Prohibited Elements (Powder) Iridium, Ruthenium, Osmium, etc
  • Convenient Touch Screen Operation - Fast and Easy

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Inbuilt touch screen Maxsell Gold testing machine

MXGT Karat Economical Gold Tester

  • Rapid Testing Speed Results - 30 Secs
  • Convenient Touch Screen Operation
  • Hi-Resolution Proportional Counter Detector Technology
  • Ideal for Jewellery Retail, Old Gold Purchase, Bank Jewellery Loans

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