Tried & Tested by 1 Lakh Customers across India. When its comes to handling Currency, Nothing can Beat Maxsell Currency Machines. Ready for New ₹2000 and New ₹500 denominations.

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MX50i Largest selling note counting machine in india

MX50i - Currency Counter + Detection - RBI Tested

MRP ` 15629

  • Accurate Counting and Detection of New 2000, New 500 INR
  • Accurate Detection of Super Fake notes
  • UV, IR, I-Scan Detection with LED Indicator
  • Chipset Upgradation facility
  • Preferred by India's Top Banks, Corporate, Small Medium Business owners

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Best Value Counter in India

MX50i Turbo - Advanced Value Counter + Detector

MRP ` 36640

  • Accurate Counting, Value count and Detection of New 2000, New 500 INR
  • Value Count, Sorts Old & New INR 500, Denom Sort
  • UV, I-Scan, IR, MG, MT, 3D Technology
  • On Screen Report
  • USB for Future Upgrade
  • New INR Update, Fill Support Form -

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Low Cost Economical Note Counting Machine

MX50 Smart+ Economical Counting + Detection

MRP ` 9733

  • Accurate Counting and Detection of New 2000, New 500 INR
  • Counterfeit detection - UV, MG (Scan)
  • Batching, Adding facility
  • In Built Dust collector
  • Fast, Smooth & Stable Counting Performance

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