Build Products that Surpass Customer Expectation and Give Competitors a Tough Fight

About Us

Maxsell, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization offers wide array of field tested products such as Currency counting machines, Fake note detectors, Paper shredders under it Office Automation Equipments division. Buy Maxsell products with Best Service Backup from its dealers located in Major Cities & Towns across India.

Maxsell since established in 2004 has been growing in business volume, size of the organization, product lineup and Market reach across the country in less than a decade.

Here at Maxsell, we work on strong ethics and principles of clean and long running business standing. We offer field tested products rather than other brands which solely base their products on closed room analysis. We constantly improve our products both in functionality, durability and operation standards. Our ideology is that there is never an end to the scope to improve any area of business Be it - Product quality, Management or Support.

Our products pass many European and American Safety and Quality standards yet they are priced competitive and affordable in order to provide our customers best value to their investment. Maxsell product yields more than any other competitive brands.

Our Strong Beliefs

Technology and Innovation never stops, so let's keep our pace of making technology handy and affordable always.

Keeping business transparent, clear & well defined helps expansion in any kind of market conditions.

Be Open - to hear, to correct & to implement. Reason why We are always available to hear any quality concerns, suggestions or any feedback from our customers.

Ethics & Principles are the core of our company, we don't compromise on them & try to prevail it throughout the organization.

Make products that last longer, reduce maintenance and increases productivity.

Some of our Technology feats

We have introduced many new technologies and products to the ever growing Indian market. For Instance our I-Scan technology is the pioneer in fake detection technique for Indian currency. I-Scan technology is practical, affordable and stable. Fake notes worth millions have been detected by our customers across India, saving the economy getting devastated further due to evil effects of counterfeit notes. Our software codes are complex because they can help in identification of counterfeits flawlessly for the end users.

Maxsell Truscan Neo is another engineering marvel that helps small business fight fakes right at the point of sale. Affordable Detector can instantly discriminate fake note from that of genuine currency. Its flip design, battery backup, onscreen report & upgradation port.

Our Assurance

All our products are designed to deliver maximum efficiency. They are well built to meet the users' requirement and still priced competitively.

Maxsell products assures you best performance, long life of components and Comprehensive Warranty program, competitive Prices and Assured availability of Genuine Spare parts both during and after Warranty period.

Our Expansion

Maxsell products are exported to various countries in Asia and Africa. With dedicated and Exclusive Agents for our Banking Automation products and Office automation products across India and overseas countries. We are still striving our best to reach every market and make Maxsell available everywhere. Maxsell has found its place in Supermarkets & Hypermarkets, Online Market like Carrefour, Walmart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Gadgets Guru, etc.