Maxsell India's Best Gold Testing Machine & Cash Counting Machine

Who we are

Maxsell is India’s largest selling brand for cash counting machines, office automation solutions , Gold testers & Laser instruments. For almost 2 decades, empowered our customers to run their businesses confidently & profitably.


We deliver what we commit. We want our products to be easy to use and bring convenience to the people. This perspective helps us in coming up with innovative solutions.


We design products that are easy to install and have a low cost of ownership. Customer feedback is looped to factory to improve the product periodically, this helps in bringing new use cases also in production.

What we do

From Retail to Banks to Jewellers to manufacturing lines, our wide range of office automation solution, laser equipments and gold testing machines to successfully install and service our customers, promptly.


Maxsell adopts strong Quality check SOPs and advanced tracking applications to ensure Quality is delivered through out. A record of every device is placed on the servers to keep the track of quality.

Why we're different

Because, while a typical electronic device neglects customers’ problems, Maxsell starts from understanding customer needs, desires and problems and then works towards the technology. Not the other way around.

Maxsell Services

Our Journey

Maxsell is India’s largest selling brand of Office Automation Solutions like Currency sorting and counting machines, Shredders, Gold Purity Testing Machines , laser equipments. For close to 2 decades, we have empowered our customers to run their businesses confidently and profitably. Here's our journey to date.

Launched Affordable note counting machine MX50, when it was treated a luxury


Designed and developed our Biggest invention in fake detection tech, I-scan.


Launched First Fully inbuilt XRF Gold testing machine.


Expanded our business in Nepal, Bangladesh, South East Asia and Mid East countries.


Designed & Developed laser equipments for marking and welding applications with collaboration from World's leading laser technologies.


Our work was been recognized across India and we could achieve almost 140 distributors.


Registered as Private Limited Corporation to expand business exponentially.


Got Certified and Approval by AERB for XRF Gold Testing Machines.


Launch XRF Machines with New Optical system and Develop FP2.0 Algorithm.


IBJA - Indian Bullion Jewellers Association, chose Maxsell as Official Jewellery Equipment Partner.

Learning never stops, so does these milestones which gives us energy to drive to the next challenge. Customers, employees, vendors, suppliers have always helped us achieve more than we dream. Thanks to each one of them.