"No More Risks in Old Gold Buying or Jewel Loan."

NEW Maxsell MXGT Karat Pro - No.1 Choice of Jewellers - Banks.

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  • High Resolution Gas Proportional Counter Technology
  • Rapid Testing Speed Results - 30 ~ 40 Secs
  • Space Saving Design - Inbuilt PC
  • Ideal for Jewellers, Old Gold Purchase, Bank, Jewel Loans

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No.1 Choice of Jewellery Retail and Jewel Loan companies - MXGT Karat Pro

Advantages Of MXGT Karat Pro For Jewellery Showrooms

  • Builds Reputation and Trust With Your Customer, Instantly.
  • Increases Profitability, As customer stop bargaining.
  • Increase in FootFall of New customers as today more and more customers look for Assurance in Gold quality.
  • Old Gold and Exchange is easier and riskfree.
  • Prove your Quality to customer by Proof and not by Words.
  • Show your Customers That You are Quality and Technology Driven.
  • Helps Your Sales People in Selling More and Closing Sales Quickly
  • Check Quality from Your Suppliers.
  • Install a NEW Maxsell MXGT Karat Pro at Your Showroom Today & Bring Profit, Prosperity and Growth To Your Business.
  • NEW Maxsell MXGT Karat Pro - The Workhorse Gold Analyzer that goes On and On. Who says that Gold Testers have to be bulky, big and occupy your entire Workspace? MXGT Karat Pro - small in size, big in performance. Space Saving. The MX-GT Karat Pro requires a lot less space than conventional gold testers with longer duty cycles. Special Power System. MX-GT Karat Pro has a Special Power Supply System that withstands voltage fluctuations - perfect for Indian conditions.

    Quick Features

    • Technology: Hermitically sealed Gas Proportional Counter Tube based Detector
    • Design: Compact and Space Saving, Just Plug 1 Cable and Its Ready To Go
    • Usage: Simply Place the Sample and Click Test Icon. No Annoying adjustable stage like other instruments
    • Software: Simple Software Interface, Easy for even a High school student to operate
    • Results: Accurate and Fast Results for Jewellery or Melt ingot, Wada, Rava or any form or shape sample can be tested
    • Safety: 100% Safe, Rear facing small collimator with Anti Radiation switch protects User. Each Instrument is strictly tested with "Inspector USB - Radiation Alert Instrument USA"
    • Maintenance: Low Maintenance ratio and Cost effective packages available after Warranty

    Suitable For

    • Jewellery Showrooms
    • Banks and Jewel Loan Companies
    • Jewellery Manufacturers
    • Old Gold purchase

    Detailed features:

    • Analysis Elements: Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu, Zn, Ni, etc. (Displayed)
    • Analysis Range: Upto 99.99%
    • Test point dimension: 2mm (Optional - Micro Collimator)
    • Test Time: 30 to 200 Secs (user can set).
    • Coated layer measurement: Coated layer thickness Range <30µm
    • Test Precision: +/-0.1% The Precision could keep 0.1 after several repeated test
    • High Voltage Generator: 4 to 50Kv
    • X-Ray Source: Mo Material X-ray light tube (Wind Cool, No radiation)
    • Detector: High Resolutions Hermetic Proportional Counter with Micro processor technology
    • Dimension: L477 mm*W386mm*H386 mm / Wt: 30kgs
    • Voltage: Wide Power Range - 110V to 270V Specially designed for Indian power Conditions
    • Temp Control: Digital Exhaust Air Software controlled, Temperature control system can protect themselves