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New Currency Not Hard to Detect, But Difficult to Count.

After 6 months of introducing 2000 & 500 new denominations, there is still uncertainty among public over how secured is their New currency.

New Indian Rupees

The New notes are comparatively lower in print quality and even the security features are’nt stable. Fake notes are not yet in strong circulation, due to strong steps taken by Central govt and strategy on various fronts. However there is higher risk of mis-count, improper handling of these new notes due to its weird size with the current denominations like 100 and 50.

Recently several cases were found with wrong transactions made due to the denomination confusion with New currency. Like when manual counting, 2000 x 34 is calculated as 64000 along with other denominations, even by the most experienced Cash handling expert. This increases the confusion during transaction. Similarly at time counting the notes on basic note counting machine, with 2000 or 500 denomination easily hidden at times in loose currency bunch of say 100 denominations and a 2k note is passed to the payee as 100 rupee note, thus another loss for the Cash payer.

Maxsell’s Top value counting Machine MX50i Turbo & MX50i Pro are accurate in determining exact value of the rupee counted, Helps in Confidence in Cash Transaction. Equipped with japanese sensors they guarantee super fake notes both current and future to be detected with Utmost precision.

If Cash is part of your daily transactions, Its time to Upgrade your Cash machines with Reliable and Durable Value counting Machine for your Business.

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Existing or New Customers, need not panic.

Please read the below information to know about the readiness of your Maxsell note counting machine to deal with New INR.

List of Machines equipped with Counting and Detection of New INR 2000 & 500 

Models Piece count Fake Detection Value Count Others
MX50i Ok Ok N.A
MX50Smart+ Ok Ok N.A
MX50Ultra+ Ok Ok N.A
MX50i Pro Ok Ok New Currency Ready
MX50i Turbo Ok Ok New currency ready

Maxsell Note Sorting Machine Matrix V – Software will be available Now.

Maxsell Truscan Neo updates available now.

All products are shipped with 2000, 500 currency software and latest bug free updates.  

Please contact for software updates & nearest Service Support – Sandip 90947 99222 / Service Manager – Narendra 73392 65666. Fill in the support forms – click here.

Note: All models can count and detect latest counterfeit in New INR 2000 & 500 as it is. 

Customers are requested to do updates of existing machines only through Company authorized dealers. Only Authorized dealers have latest BUG FREE software and are trained to handle machines carefully. Any damage done during wrong updates will not be company’s responsibility. For your nearest dealer support fill our support request form.

Free Service Campaign by Rajasthan Maxsell Dealer – A Step towards Customer Delight

Comes the month of February, People get reminded of Valentine’s day – Special day dedicated for your Loved ones. But employees & management of K.B Marketing and their director Mr. Manoj Chandalia – Proud Dealer Maxsell for Rajasthan Territory fell in love rather with their Work. Yes when you love your work, you deliver it with passion. K. B. Marketing with its professionally trained team by Maxsell’s experienced engineers organized a Mega Service campaign in various regions of Rajasthan Beawar, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Phalodi, Bhilwara, Kota, Jaipur & Various other small & major centres.

In their first initial stage of 6 days they successfully serviced 60 Maxsell machines and ensure that each customer is fully satisfied with their services and went one step ahead by offering services to Non-Maxsell customers with a message that Delivering top class & unconditional services is what makes Customer Delight. Overall K. B. Marketing and its team planned the Service Campaign to cover majority of Maxsell Currency Counter customers by getting Customer database from Maxsell Head Office, to ensure they can approach as many customers old & new alike to offer Free Services to them, totalling 300 plus customers.

We are proud that Mr. Manoj & His Team carry the same philosophy as of Maxsell to Customer Delight by offering Excellent services every time.

Some Pics that speak of their relentless efforts:

IMG-20150228-WA0020 IMG-20150228-WA0016

Misleading Gimmicks – Know Before You Buy Gold Testers!

Most Misleading Gimmicks –

1. Multiple Collimator – 95% and above customer never use this function. Why pay for function that users dont use.

2. Large Collimator or Scanning area – Large collimator does not mean you get melting value as claimed by some companies. Rather it fails penetration of sample, it shows poor repeatability with jewellery samples, User cannot test small solder spots which is necessary to test some special jewellery samples, Large Collimator or Large Scanning area is a NON-STANDARD design & Does not Guarantee you melting result of samples.

3. Top to Down Xray source – Has no relevance in providing accurate results as claimed by their manufacturers. Has no relevance to Gold industry infact they are suitable for Non – Jewellery applications only. Top to Down source based instrument means User needs to deal with frustrating stage adjustment, its failure to test flatter surface (which is the thumb rule in XRF based Gold tester). All this plus long time to set the sample is a big waste of time.

4. High Price means Better product – Investigation might take a little time, but customers need to study 3 mains things – Results, Reliability & Service Support. If you get all of this, Then compare Price.

Most Companies cant even justify why they sell their gold testers for Exorbitant & higher Prices. So its easy for them to say, That high price means good product & Right / Low Price means your buying wrong product. Don’t get mislead.

Instead talk to the Customers / Users about all major Questions – Quality of Product, Accuracy in Results, After Sales Support & Then you decide Your Purchase. Some Salesman misleading you “High price product means better product”. Be Smart & Alert Dont get Mislead by companies who sell at high price, they really cant justify their price.

5. Am Old, So Am Right! – You must know that Old companies does not mean they are right always. But New Companies rather who work more enthusiastically will hear you better and serve you better. And in order to make inroads such companies would love to Impress customers and hence provide better support.

So be a Smart Customer & Dont Fall Prey for Gimmicks. Instead investigate & Buy from Source that Assures you More Value for Your Money.